After the grand success of Drishti 2011, Antardrishti has decided to continue it and we are gearing up for Drishti 2012. In the mean while on experimental basis we showed selected films and poster in two different locations of Agra to promote eye donation. An enthusiastic response of these two shows prompt us to organize a multi-city campaign for the promotion of eye donation. We are also developing a plan for this multi-city campaign with the name “Drishti Yatra 2012”.

We know that we won’t be able to do this much without your support; therefore we are requesting you to do some volunteering for Drishti 2012. We are planning to launch Drishti 2012 contest on 22nd March 2012. If you are interested to promote Drishti 2012 contest in your area or can support by any mean please do email us before 20th March 2012 at with subject line “Volunteering – Drishti 2012”. And those who like to organize Drishti Yatra 2012 in their locality can also contact us at  with subject line “Volunteering – Drishti Yatra 2012”.

Share your views and suggestion on the same at