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Drishti 2015 – Silver Eye Award Film / Bindhi

Title: Bindhi
Original Language: Silent
Duration: 3min 8 Sec
Director: Vishnu Ganapathi AP
Place: Kanchipuram, India

Its a story about a young girl who get a present from his father and she cherish the gift of the father, but her cousin brother who destroy the eye of the doll and mother see that and give a eye to the doll.

Why should eyes be dwelling in the darkness after death?
You can make them see light for a long long time,
Donate your eyes and change life.

Drishti 2015 Online Voting Winner (Short Film – 8019 Vote)

Happiness is Giving

Directed by M Stalin Kumar, Coimbatore

When I heard about “Drishti- Eye Donation Contest”, not only did I want to tell a story but also wanted to get people’s attention towards eye donation and the need for it.  Also, the video was supposed to be used for the promotion which led us to switch to our brain storming mode.  We had different stories and different opinions. Basically, our target was to make it short and simple. When “Happiness is Giving”  story came up, none of us had any objections against it and it was agreed upon unanimously because it is a happy story which does not utter any sort of negativity. It’s about how one can have a positive impact on other’s life by willingly giving them their own belongings which are merely of no use to them; in this case, it was ‘sight’.

It wasn’t hard to film the actors and they didn’t act but they got along and played their characters especially the boy “S.A. Madhiraksh”.  And then Vignesh who filmed the movie took less than 20 minutes. The Movie came out fine though we had to cut some shots to make it better. Honestly, we didn’t choose a title until the last day. After receiving suggestions from many people, we finally decided “Happiness is Giving”. Thanks to Clusters Institute of Media and Technology and all my friends who who assisted me the whole time.

StalinKumar_MM Stalinkumar – an Animator. Currently teaching Animations in Clusters Institute of Media and Technology. I Like making animations and telling stories in a different way.  I don’t prefer dialogs because I don’t want to separate audience with the language. Here is the link to my profile www.behance.net/stalzyz. I have all my works showcased in here.