Duration: 6.27

Director: Nivedita Majumdar

About the Film

Language: Bengali (English sub title)

Ritu can’t see the things around form childhood. But she can feel the shape, size, colour, smell. She is playing a colour game with Boon (her friend). Both of them sharing lots of time in the fragrance of nature. Both of them look happy. But at the end of the game Ritu thought that she will never win the  colour game with Boon. But Boon answered her that if someone donates eye, after death then only Ritu can get back her vision. Ritu said, after death people goes near to God, then both of them put an idea of sending message to ˜God˜ through SMS. Boon said ˜God˜ is there around them, so the message should go the people of the world.