[dops id=”1″] Glimpse of drishti yatra 2012

After the enthusiastic response of Dishti 2011 Antardrishti has decided to organize Drishti Yatra – a multi-city campaign for the promotion of eye donation. Drisht Yatra 2012 has already been launched from Agra on 29th of January 2012. Through these “yatras” a very innovative awareness campaign is launched using tools of mass media and films.

when dream comes true

i won th golden eye award in Agra for making a short film for promotion of ‘eye donation’, it was under banner of Drishti an NGO working actively for inspiring common ppl regarding the importance and process of th eye donatn..my challeng ws to direct a small girl in th film who ws visualy impaired.. it was a very memorabl gathering, spectators from diffrnt countries n states gave big hands aftr watching my film..media person also gave me unexpectd coverage..which found spreaded all over agra on nxt fine morning..it ws gr8 experience…i nvr dreamt any award bt i alwz tried to be an honest to my work my passion..i think tht’s enough to get recognised..may be am taking slow leaps bt am satisfied tht am living with my passion