Rumi – Drishti 2012:Golden Eye Winner film

Drishti 2012:Golden Eye Winner film

Duration: 10.00
Director: Tamali Roy

About the Film
Language: English

What Happens if a life of sheer darkness is spelled out for a painter who has played with colours all her life?

Just when success had knocked the door, her poems, paintings and films got rave reviews from the people and media, the protagonist who is a painter is stranek by a rare condition of cornea which implied blindness forever, for her. The story of Rumi, speaks about the triumph of love over the adversities that come in the form of diseases in the lives of both the painter and the little girl named Rumi, she cared for, as she was abandoned by her parents though she was ill.

Seeing the painter’s miserable plight, the child before her inevitable death, donates her eyes to her and with this, lives on, not just as memory but as integral part of her existence.

Ritu wants 2 C : Drishti 2011:Golden Eye Winner film

Duration: 6.27

Director: Nivedita Majumdar

About the Film

Language: Bengali (English sub title)

Ritu can’t see the things around form childhood. But she can feel the shape, size, colour, smell. She is playing a colour game with Boon (her friend). Both of them sharing lots of time in the fragrance of nature. Both of them look happy. But at the end of the game Ritu thought that she will never win the  colour game with Boon. But Boon answered her that if someone donates eye, after death then only Ritu can get back her vision. Ritu said, after death people goes near to God, then both of them put an idea of sending message to ˜God˜ through SMS. Boon said ˜God˜ is there around them, so the message should go the people of the world.