Drishti 2015 Audio Jingles Awards


Golden Eye

“Zindagi Ankho ke Bina”
Directed by Ayush Pandey, Ghaziabad


Silver Eye

Directed by Parveen Rangwala, Nagpur


Online Voting Winner Audio Jingles

Hum Netrdan Karenge
(2106 Vote) by Shubh Khattar, New Delhi

Drishti 2015 – Silver Eye Award Film / Bindhi

Title: Bindhi
Original Language: Silent
Duration: 3min 8 Sec
Director: Vishnu Ganapathi AP
Place: Kanchipuram, India

Its a story about a young girl who get a present from his father and she cherish the gift of the father, but her cousin brother who destroy the eye of the doll and mother see that and give a eye to the doll.

Why should eyes be dwelling in the darkness after death?
You can make them see light for a long long time,
Donate your eyes and change life.

Drishti 2015 – Golden Eye Award Film / Vision Possible

Title: Vission Possible
Director: Siva Kumar Devasagayam
Original Language: Silent
Duration: 3min 53sec
Place: Kanchipuram, India

“Donate Eyes and Share 


Hide Disability and Seek Capability.”