Keep your love in the soul – Silver Eye Winner Audio Jingles

Sameera-Drishti2013-iCareInfo2014I am a student in Pathways School, Noida and I am currently pursuing my IB Diploma (Grade 11). I aspire to study architecture in a college in United States of America. I am extremely passionate about reading, writing, drama and theatre, art and design. I believe that these various forms of art, be it the written word, plays, or music can effectively spread awareness amongst the population. When I came across Drishti and learnt about their initiative, I was determined to do my bit and send my entry for design as well as audio jingle. I ended up winning the Silver Eye for audio jingle (radio). I believe that radio can be a very powerful tool, especially because everyday, millions of Indians listen to it while they’re going to work or working at home. The refrain of my jingle is ‘Let a soul see the world through your noble eyes’ and that very concisely sums up the whole idea of eye donation. It is a beautiful thing to do, and I will surely donate my eyes when the time comes.

I decided to make an audio jingle as I felt that it will immediately attract the attention of the listeners. Promoting eye donation through a catchy song was my main idea and so I went on to write these lines:

Keep your love in the soul,

Make love, eye to eye

It’s all right, donate your sight

Let a soul see the world,

Through your noble eyes.


Add a little color to their lives,

You can’t see the truth with blind eyes.


If you have a heart donate your sight,

Fill light into someone’s life

Let a soul see the world,

Through your noble eyes.

Through your noble eyes.

According to me, a jingle should be catchy as well as the main point should get across. So I prepared the music for this jingle using Garageband, and then recorded the jingle on the same software and compiled the two. It was an extremely creative experience for me and I loved making the whole thing, especially for a cause. I hope that my jingle is able to make people aware of what a noble thing eye donation is!


Kaash… Drishti 2013 – Golden Eye Winner Film

We are really thankful to Antardrishti Organization for appreciating our work and honor us with Golden Eye Award for Drishti 2013 in short film festival.

As I said “We”, there is another person, Saurabh Mahajan, worked as camera person, who is sharing this award along with me, MayurShinde, worked as director and actor in KAASH. He is the person who actually came up with this competition news. He had found it on internet. We decided to make this project with his camera under my direction. With all information and rules of festival we both discussed all things and possibilities to find correct way to present our movie. As it was clearly declared in rules that there must be a message for eye donation at the end of movie andit was our first objective.

Subject was totally clear as its words… EYE DONATION… means either person must be blind or one who is not blind. Both plays similar important role in this subject. But we choose a blind person who will lead our story and take audience to the way of eye donation.

But we were confused in matter of who will play the lead role. It can be a child with curious behavior towards the world or it can be an old person who spent his or her life without watching a single scene of world… It can be a parent who is struggling for his or her child’s Drishti… It can be a son or a daughter too… so we were continuously thinking on who will be exactly correct person to deliver the message.


During this process of thinking, after few days we came up with one character that was perfect to play the lead. We got him from the youngsters who are studying in colleges. Blind students. We choose a young boy’s character that is blind and have sorrow and expectations. As we all are aware of life style of youngster’s living nowadays. We choose young boy because of his young age or teenage. Now just think, a guy without eyes, how can he live with a young heart? Yes here is a will power, but sorrow cannot be drowned by fulfilling all wishes… Blind tag still remains. Sorry as I said it’s a tag… but we know deep down some of the blind people surely looked at it as curse or teasing tag or some way of getting favor or benefit, according to other people’s treating towards them.

The character which we choose was a teenager with all will to do things as other teenagers do. He doesnot want travel in handicap apartment of local trains. He does not need other’s help for directions on road. He does not want get treat like handicap or blind person. He does want to live like any other teenager. He does want to run, play, dance… He does want see laugh… He does want to see all emotions… his friends, his family and the world. He has been always sensed all things, persons and the world… but there is nothing wrong if he does wish to watch all this. A human can live with sorrow, hard situations, even alone… but if human is living with any missing part of himself, this would be dying every morning with living hope. And especially with teenagers, we can just calculate according to our observation that how they live and try to enjoy their life. The guy Nayan has same feeling, only wanted to share with world.

Now it was another big question that, it is fine he want to share and why, but how…???

We again start thinking as we were expecting a proper, useful and most attentive way for this. And we got it… FM is a convenient way to share the message. So now we start creating our story and we made us ready with write-up.

We had story but no one just come and say his or her message on FM or it’s not possible that one will come and just speak about his or her blindness and ask for eye donation. As a film, we were trying to make it dramatic but realistic; we put a small message competition in our story and made our blind guy Nayan to participate in it. But still he was not going to just ask in normal ways, so to make it more effective and I would definitely say, to cheMayur-iCareINFO-May-2014ck listeners listening capability and understandings, we compose a poem which describes his feelings and his emotions, and of course the eye donation message. Now we are actually with proper story with name KAASH…

KAASH is actually indicating the expectations, not from humans but definitely from God. The lead blind guy Nayan asks the question indirectly that if I was not blind…

But again there was a big question of who will act…? We tried to consider so many guys we know and asked them but, I don’t know what goes wrong, no one was replying. So at the end I decided to act for character Nayan.

Our intention was not only to convey the message of eye donation but also to ask people that why do we need someone to deliver or to convey these messages via a short films or via campaigns or via posters etc. Every person living in this world and those who can see must have watched this blinds struggling and wishing to see the world. So there must be our understanding towards them.

We enjoyed making this movie because it was our first project, first experience and most surprising that only we both were working in this project. This movie made us understand how to work by considering our aim, how to be perspective, how to manage and most important how to satisfy audience or convince them. Convincing for any subject to the audience was actually most important aim for us and we wanted to convince them for eye donation by this short film.

Short film always works as a messenger and by winning this competition and yours appreciation we are confirmed that our movie definitely delivered a message.

By keeping this in mind we are looking forward to create new some projects which establish new definition of short film but definitely help society to understand social issues like this.

KAASH was first project who gives us success and surety that we can work further.

When it comes to provoke the people for change we take some steps and that’s what Antardrishti Organization is doing. Short film festival is very useful way or say successful step to convey the eye donation objective to people and also to provoke them to do so. According to me one person with two eyes can make two blind people normal. As it is said in our movie that “दुनिया मे लाखो लोग हर दिन मरते हें पर नेत्रदान कोई नहि करता…” I guess it is the solution. People must understand that eye donation is not only donation; it’s making others to live with beautiful world.

Thank you again for appreciation…



Director of Short Film “KAASH…”