Drishti 2015 Audio Jingles Awards


Golden Eye

“Zindagi Ankho ke Bina”
Directed by Ayush Pandey, Ghaziabad


Silver Eye

Directed by Parveen Rangwala, Nagpur


Online Voting Winner Audio Jingles

Hum Netrdan Karenge
(2106 Vote) by Shubh Khattar, New Delhi

Keep your love in the soul – Silver Eye Winner Audio Jingles

Sameera-Drishti2013-iCareInfo2014I am a student in Pathways School, Noida and I am currently pursuing my IB Diploma (Grade 11). I aspire to study architecture in a college in United States of America. I am extremely passionate about reading, writing, drama and theatre, art and design. I believe that these various forms of art, be it the written word, plays, or music can effectively spread awareness amongst the population. When I came across Drishti and learnt about their initiative, I was determined to do my bit and send my entry for design as well as audio jingle. I ended up winning the Silver Eye for audio jingle (radio). I believe that radio can be a very powerful tool, especially because everyday, millions of Indians listen to it while they’re going to work or working at home. The refrain of my jingle is ‘Let a soul see the world through your noble eyes’ and that very concisely sums up the whole idea of eye donation. It is a beautiful thing to do, and I will surely donate my eyes when the time comes.

I decided to make an audio jingle as I felt that it will immediately attract the attention of the listeners. Promoting eye donation through a catchy song was my main idea and so I went on to write these lines:

Keep your love in the soul,

Make love, eye to eye

It’s all right, donate your sight

Let a soul see the world,

Through your noble eyes.


Add a little color to their lives,

You can’t see the truth with blind eyes.


If you have a heart donate your sight,

Fill light into someone’s life

Let a soul see the world,

Through your noble eyes.

Through your noble eyes.

According to me, a jingle should be catchy as well as the main point should get across. So I prepared the music for this jingle using Garageband, and then recorded the jingle on the same software and compiled the two. It was an extremely creative experience for me and I loved making the whole thing, especially for a cause. I hope that my jingle is able to make people aware of what a noble thing eye donation is!