The Drishti Creative Contest was started 4 years ago with the purpose of spreading awareness and involving the youth in this process. Every year, the contest witnesses enthusiastic participation from all over the country. This year, 400 entries were received in all. The candidates were shortlisted through online voting in which 50 thousand people voted.

The contest has 4 categories:

  1. Short Film
  2. Audio Jingle
  3. Design
  4. Posters

There are two prizes awarded in each category – The Golden Eye Award and The Silver Eye Award – The following were the winners in the different categories:

  • Poster Category: Presented by Dr. Mukul Srivastava
    The Silver Eye Award: Mr. Rakshit Dubey
    The Golden Eye Award: Mr. Mukesh Sharma
  • Short Films Category: Presented by Miss Neha Agarwal and Miss Nikita Patil
    The Silver Eye Award: ‘Preeti’ by Akshay Kumar Upadhyay
    The Golden Eye Award: ‘Anokhi’ by Mr. Kazmi
  • Audio Jingle Category: Presented by Mohd. Khalid
    The Silver Eye Award –Mr. Raviraj Panchal
    The Golden Eye Award- Miss V. Shirumati

Best Audience Choice Award

  • Poster -Presented by Miss Neelima Surve –
    Topic ‘Donate Eyes- A gift of God’ – won by Miss Surbhi Singh
  • Short Films Category – Presented by Miss Fatima
    Won by Mr. Prakhar Dubey
  • Design Category – Presented by Mohd. Raza Hassani
    The Dedicated Morning – Miss Sonali Mishra
  • Audio Jingle – Presented by Mr. Avinash Shahi
    Mr. Raviraj Panchal for ‘Aankhein’