Drishti 2015 Creative Contest to promote Eye DonationDrishti 2015, Silver Eye, Eye Donation Poster

– a campaign for the promotion of eye donation was spearheaded five years ago by Anterdrishti, an Agra based nonprofit organization working for empowerment of visually impaired. Drishti has organized film festivals to spread awareness for eye donation in many cities across the country and received encouraging response from various sections of society particularly youth.

The journey of the last 5 years has been very challenging but the good thing is that we have been on the move constantly and crossed few important milestones. This could happen only because of selfless support from our volunteers and supporters.

It is also heartening that we get overwhelming support and witnesss keen interest to the cause of cornea donation particularly by younger generation of wide geography across India. This give us immense satisfaction that we are on the right parth and our voice is falling into right ears.

This year we received 16 Short Films, 9 Audio Jingles and more then 150 posters.

Jury Members

Jury members of Drishti 2015 lead by Mayank Shekhar – well known film critic – Mumbai, Sangeeta Bhatnagar – President, Akanshta Samiti, Agra and Neelima Deepak – Cultural and social director of Babu Banarsi Dass University, Lucknow.

Jury Verdict

Drishti 2015 Winners List
Title Winner Name Place
Short Films      
Golden Eye Vission Possible Siva Kumar Devasagayam Kanchipuram
Silver Eye Bindhi Vishnu Ganapathi AP Kanchipuram
Golden Eye Make a Difference Sachin Chauhan Dehradun
Silver Eye The Gift of Vision Gopal Prajapati Ahemdabad
Audio Jingles
Golden Eye Zindagi Ankho ke Bina Ayush Pandey Ghaziabad
Silver Eye Netrdan Parveen Rangwala Nagpur
Online Voting
Short Films Happiness is Giving (8019) M Stalin Kumar Coimbatore
Poster Eye Donation (60620) N Sethurajan Karur
Audio Jingles Hum Netrdan Karenge (2106) Shubh Khattar New Delhi

Drishti 2015 Audio Jingles Awards

  Golden Eye “Zindagi Ankho ke Bina” Directed by Ayush Pandey, Ghaziabad   Silver Eye “Netrdan” Directed by Parveen Rangwala, Nagpur   Online Voting Winner Audio Jingles Hum Netrdan Karenge (2106 Vote)Read More...
By : admin | Dec 20, 2015

Drishti 2015 – Silver Eye Award Film / Bindhi

Title: Bindhi Original Language: Silent Duration: 3min 8 Sec Director: Vishnu Ganapathi AP Place: Kanchipuram, India Its a story about a young girl who get a present from his father and sheRead More...
By : admin | Dec 20, 2015

Drishti 2015 – Golden Eye Award Film / Vision Possible

Title: Vission Possible Director: Siva Kumar Devasagayam Original Language: Silent Duration: 3min 53sec Place: Kanchipuram, India “Donate Eyes and Share  Confidence Hide Disability and Seek Capability.”
By : admin | Dec 20, 2015

Drishti 2015 Online Voting Winner (Short Film – 8019 Vote)

Happiness is Giving Directed by M Stalin Kumar, Coimbatore When I heard about “Drishti- Eye Donation Contest”, not only did I want to tell a story but also wanted to get people’sRead More...
By : admin | Dec 20, 2015

Drishti 2015 – Silver Eye / Poster

“The Gift of Vision” Design by Gopal Prajapati,   Ahmedabad The best gift for someone after our life is Donate our eyes. The hand of giver and hand of receiver makes the shape ofRead More...
By : admin | Dec 20, 2015

Drishti 2015 – Golden Eye / Poster

“Make a Difference”  Design by Sachin Chauhan,  Dehradun Eye donation is one of the most wonderful things. It’s a life changer for those who are born without vision. My design illustrates thatRead More...
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Drishti 2015 Online Voting Winner (Poster – 60620 Vote)

Eye Donation (60620 Vote) Design by N Sethurajan, Karur
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नेत्रदान प्रोत्साहन हेतु दृष्टि 2015 – क्रियेटिव कांटेस्‍ट (लघु फिल्‍म, पोस्‍टर, डिजाइन और ऑडियो जिंगल) की घोषणा

आगरा, 3 अगस्त 2015: देश में नेत्रदान के प्रोत्साहन को संकल्पित गैर लाभकारी संगठन अंतरदृष्टि द्वारा आयोजित क्रिएटिव कांटेस्ट दृष्टि 2015 और वृहद स्तर पर मनाया जायेगा। 2011 से शुरू हुए इसRead More...
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